Guided Imagery is commonly used for emotional healing or psychological issues. Imagery can be as simple as helping with effective breathing and relaxation techniques.

Imagery may sound exotic, but we engage in it all the time.  It could be thought of as simple daydreaming. Imagine yourself approaching your front door from the outside of  your house.  What side is the door handle on? There, you just performed a bit of imagery!

Imagery can allow you take take an internal trip when you are under stress.  You can think of it as a mini vacation.

However, I also use a more targeted imagery technique to help you nurture yourself at a very deep, core level.  This technique helps you learn to love yourself more, and allows you to make lasting changes to how you see and treat yourself. This technique is at the heart of ongoing work we may choose to do together to help you with core self-esteem issues.

This technique, taught originally by Dr. Richard Landis, PhD, is tolerated well by most clients.  It is not intrusive in any way and helps people who have negative self thoughts or that critical voice in their head.  In my early days as a therapist, in order to help people like themselves better, we would drag them into the bathroom, have them look in a mirror and tell themselves things like, “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”  A lovely idea which never worked.

This imagery technique, however, does work!  In a gentle way you will learn to treat yourself better and be kinder to yourself.  I will also give you brief homework which enhances this technique and allows you to continue this work between sessions.

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