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  • You may wonder what an actual session is like and what you are supposed to talk about.  In many ways the answers to those questions are up to you, since counseling is highly personal and private.

    During the first session, I will get clarity about exactly why you have entered therapy and what you would like from the process.  I use the first few sessions to gather information about you, your current situation, and your history. Together, usually by the end of the first session, we will develop a vision and set goals about what you want to accomplish through the counseling process. We’ll discuss your strengths and resources, as well as the particular thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that contribute to and limit your movement toward your goals.

    My role in this process is to encourage, guide and clarify your self-understanding and decision-making. I consider my clients to be my “co-therapists” in this process and try to educate you about what modalities could be used, their pros and cons, and what to expect in the process.

  • I specialize in working with adults, either individually or in couples.  Over the years, I have built various areas of specialty, including working with mood disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Grief and Bipolar Disorder.  I also specialize in working with survivors of trauma.

    Often clients present to therapy for basic life issues such as stress, interpersonal struggles, financial difficulties and problems in the workplace.  I have always woven my work with current stresses and struggles into the “deeper” or “core” issues that my clients may have.  Sometimes these issues from the past are contributing to how you are coping with your daily stress.

  • Counseling provides an unbiased person who can help you see your situation more clearly.  I also provide guidance, teach skills, and utilize modalities of therapy that are far out of the range of “just listening.” 

  • Most clients meet on a weekly basis for the first several sessions.  This is to allow us to build rapport and develop a treatment plan.  After that, we will decide together if we want to continue weekly or meet at a different frequency.

  • The length of counseling depends on your individual concerns.  The decision to start counseling and end the counseling process is always up to you.

  • Confidentiality is guaranteed in the counseling process: by me, by professional ethics, and by the Colorado State Law.  I will never discuss your personal information with anyone without your written consent unless you are “an imminent danger to self or others.” 

 If you have any questions I would Love to hear from You!

Please give me a call. All correspondence is completely confidential.

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