Caring, Compassionate Yet Firm

Over the past several years, Jane Plattner has provided me with the tools, the insight, the knowledge, and the motivation to totally change my mode of thinking and handling stressful situations in a productive and peaceful manner. She has been the one stable and reliable aspect in many turbulent professional and personal upheavals. Through her use of CBT, DBT, tapping, and other techniques, she has provided me with the ability to totally analyze every thing that happens to me and everything that occurs in life in a new and positive perspective. Whether it is using my “wise mind,” simply sitting back and being a “fly on the wall,” or just engaging in “radical acceptance” of what occurs in life and just dealing with it, there has been a huge change in my physical and emotional health, my mood, my relationships, my perspective on life (now viewing everything as “half full”), and my outlook on the future and my acceptance of my past. I recommend Jane to anyone and everyone whom I encounter. Regardless of what you are going through in life, and all of us experience life’s roller-coaster rides, Jane will be there with a caring, compassionate, and yet firm approach. In addition to recognizing that you have a constant support with Jane, you also realize that she will hold you accountable for doing your work between sessions – which makes all of the difference in the world. I am a totally changed man thanks to Jane Plattner and my family, friends, and colleagues notice that each and every day.