Jane Plattner, LCSW
Jane Plattner, LCSW

About Jane Plattner, LCSW

I have extensive experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice.
Over the years, I have built various areas of specialty, including working with mood disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Trauma and Borderline Personality Disorder.  I also specialize in working with individuals with relationship issues as well as dating coaching.
I have always woven my work with current stresses and struggles into the “deeper” or “core” issues that my clients may have.  Sometimes these issues from the past are contributing to how you are coping with your daily stress.  I believe it is up to you, the client, to decide whether to address your past issues, or to focus only on the presenting problem.

Guiding Beliefs

I believe that people can change—at a very deep, core level. I also believe that inside each of us resides a “wise mind” that on some level knows what is in our own best interest.
For this to happen, we need some means to discover and transform the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that keep us from becoming what we want to be—achieving what we want to achieve.
The therapeutic experience creates a safe place where you can receive feedback on some of your behaviors and thoughts.  This is done in a gentle manner, at a pace you can tolerate.  The goal is to help you with information, insight, and tools in order to help you achieve the transformation you desire.
In my personal life I enjoy family time, walking, reading, writing, Texas Hold’em, acting in local films, Zumba, listening to a wide range of music, and playing with my pets.
I don’t just teach about dating strategies, I have successfully used them myself.  I am now happily married to Lucky Mr. 107–my 107th first date in a one year period of time.  It was worth the wait!
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